New Book: Going Clear


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The Church of Scientology (Melton)

The Church of Scientology (Melton) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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News: Papal Publishing

Pop Francis

Ignatius press will publish Francis pope of a new world, a biography by Andrea Tornielli to be released April 30. The hardcover is selling for $19.95. The book is about statements and writings of the former cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, including material from right before the conclave in which he was elected.

The catholic publisher Ignatius, based in San Francisico, has an extensive list of publications by popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

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Microsoft said to enter the E-reader Market for 1Billion

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I was reading an article in the online magazine Tech CrunchMicrosoft is speculating on buying Nook from Barnes and Noble. It is reported that Microsoft has  a stake in the Nook division. In Oct. 2012, Microsoft spent 300 million dollars to buy a 16.8%  stake in the NOOK. This partnership was to basically get ” Barnes & Noble content on then Microsoft 8 windows tablets.”  Could this lead to a resurgent of the E-book readers, Amazon’s Kindle vs. B&N’s Nook? Here is what professional blogger Eric Eldon, John Big, and Ingrid had to say, the hardware, while in many ways superior to Amazon’s, seems to have fallen behind in the race to market share and revenue. If Microsoft steps in, the dedicated e-reader race between the stalwart B&N and Jeff Bezos’ Amazon could be over. Although Microsoft is a Titan this deal still will not make Barnes and Noble outsell or market Amazon grasp on E-readership!




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Not Buying A Print Book Again.

cropped-small_6175154545.jpgSince 2013, I have brought no new print books. As a matter of fact, I was given a free print book that has become hard for me to read. See I do not mean hard to read as in, I didn’t understand it, but hard to turn through the pages. Here is the reason why. My professor is teaching a course in book publishing in which a pre requisite for the class is to buy an E-book reader. Not only do we buy an E-book reader but  from one of the big online publishers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Sony. Amazon’s E-reader is the Kindle. Barnes & Noble E-reader is the Nook. Sony has an E-reader digital book. My choice was to go with Amazon, why not, Amazon is the biggest on the market. They sell everything, plus I buy books from them already. I like the fact the E-readers are small and you can carry them in your pants pocket. Unlike a print book, in which they sometimes can be to heavy to bring with you. However, most people still like the feel of a print book. On a sunny morning  about 70 degrees outside, I am on my way to to school, on the train there is this young female passenger sitting in the seats adjacent to me reading a Novel. I do not recall the name of the book,however I do notice she is reading a print book. Politely I get her attention and ask, basically, why she is reading that dinosaur technology a physical book. She says to me,” I don’t know…I need to read from a physical book every now and then…” I said, ” You should get one of these,” and I show her my kindle. She laughed! The point I am trying to make is that while most people still like the print books, I will never go back to reading a print book,unless in school, in which they are dragging behind, because I have a Kindle.

Do yourself a favor and get A E-Book reader!!!!


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What is Bindworks?

like_dislike.jpgBindworx is a new ebook retailer that is claiming to be the future of influencing the way people buy ebooks. In an article written for Digital Book Wire author Jeremy Greenfield wrote, that New Ebook Retailer Proposes to change the Way Readers Buy Ebooks. He goes on to explain that ,” Bindworx will also offer users the ability to buy physical books- even their mashed up creations print-on-demand-if they so choose.” My predications are that this site will change the game if Publishers are not wise to make a move to merge with this new technology. A good example to illustrate my point,  the Amazon and Goodreads merger, this merger the way people discover books,authors, and content all in one place.  Similarly, Bindworxs is going to change the way more consumers buy books. I read from the same article Jeremy Greenfield in which press release released by Gareth Mulholland, co-founder of Bindworx , and she says, ” By responding to what consumers really want , which is greater control over what they buy and how it’s delivered to them, publishers will unleash a tide of new revenue opportunities as customers curate and promote the content they and their networks know has untapped value.”  So she is basically reinforcing the idea that Bindworxs is going to give the consumer options to buy an ebook any way they like. An anology is an a la carte or buffet. Take a look a Sirius Satellite’s business model in which  you can buy channels at different price points. Welcome to the new generation.


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Digital Publishing News: Token Model For EBook Checkouts At The Library

Although Libraries still struggle to offer digital content for lending to its members. Conversely Publishers are considering all the implications of allowing library members to borrow their best-selling and even back list titles on their digital devices. Meanwhile Library Idea   is one of the companies that want to modify the concept behind lending all together with Freading an e-book lending platform. Similarly Amazon Prime in which members pay an annual membership price. In contrast Freading allows libraries to distribute virtual tokens   which are exchanged for “borrowable titles”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Read more ›

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Amazon is King of Book Readership

Logo by Todd Goldstein.

Logo by Todd Goldstein.

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News: Book to Film Scouting Venture



Creative Executive

Mark James

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Book Review: Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice

A must read book for any who wants to achieve something in life.

A must read book for anyone who wants to achieve success in life.

I found myself interested in reading this book because of the title. Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice is a book which does live up to its name.Even though this book is an updated version from the original masterpiece, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, Kimbro wastes no time in getting right to the Chapters that are essential for the keys to success. This book was published by Ballantine Books in 1991 consisting of about 351 pages typed in time new roman font; it is literally Kimbros blueprint for success. Each of the 12 chapters are so nonstop with information that it is a book full of stories. If you read this book in its entirety you will be in good position to dive into chapters on subjects such as the mighty power of imagination,creative dreaming, what faith can do, and Enthusiasm is power.Although these are some of the positive parts of the book. There are controversial parts of the book,such as the chapter “By All Means-Persist”, there are titles about Hitting the Mark by Failing, material on understanding failure, Adversity and Achievement all which far outweighs the comprehensive information here on just positive subjects.

This book is available in Hard copy and Paper Back.

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Literary Criticism Beowulf


William Lassiter gives an analysis of the Poem Beowulf. Lassiter talks about Beowulf and Grendal, the monster, he is up against in the story. Grendal is terroizing towns and his mother who later Beowulf has to kill. The narrator, who is Lassiter, walks you through the tale and does not disappoint. He speaks with an old english style voice, so it is easy to follow and listen to while you work. I hope you enjoy this video of Beowulf as much as I did! Stay tuned for my next blog, I will talk about an interesting book that I am reading. You will have to wait to get my review and recommendation.


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