Microsoft said to enter the E-reader Market for 1Billion

English: Barnes & Noble Nook

English: Barnes & Noble Nook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






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I was reading an article in the online magazine Tech CrunchMicrosoft is speculating on buying Nook from Barnes and Noble. It is reported that Microsoft has  a stake in the Nook division. In Oct. 2012, Microsoft spent 300 million dollars to buy a 16.8%  stake in the NOOK. This partnership was to basically get ” Barnes & Noble content on then Microsoft 8 windows tablets.”  Could this lead to a resurgent of the E-book readers, Amazon’s Kindle vs. B&N’s Nook? Here is what professional blogger Eric Eldon, John Big, and Ingrid had to say, the hardware, while in many ways superior to Amazon’s, seems to have fallen behind in the race to market share and revenue. If Microsoft steps in, the dedicated e-reader race between the stalwart B&N and Jeff Bezos’ Amazon could be over. Although Microsoft is a Titan this deal still will not make Barnes and Noble outsell or market Amazon grasp on E-readership!




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