Not Buying A Print Book Again.

cropped-small_6175154545.jpgSince 2013, I have brought no new print books. As a matter of fact, I was given a free print book that has become hard for me to read. See I do not mean hard to read as in, I didn’t understand it, but hard to turn through the pages. Here is the reason why. My professor is teaching a course in book publishing in which a pre requisite for the class is to buy an E-book reader. Not only do we buy an E-book reader but  from one of the big online publishers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Sony. Amazon’s E-reader is the Kindle. Barnes & Noble E-reader is the Nook. Sony has an E-reader digital book. My choice was to go with Amazon, why not, Amazon is the biggest on the market. They sell everything, plus I buy books from them already. I like the fact the E-readers are small and you can carry them in your pants pocket. Unlike a print book, in which they sometimes can be to heavy to bring with you. However, most people still like the feel of a print book. On a sunny morning  about 70 degrees outside, I am on my way to to school, on the train there is this young female passenger sitting in the seats adjacent to me reading a Novel. I do not recall the name of the book,however I do notice she is reading a print book. Politely I get her attention and ask, basically, why she is reading that dinosaur technology a physical book. She says to me,” I don’t know…I need to read from a physical book every now and then…” I said, ” You should get one of these,” and I show her my kindle. She laughed! The point I am trying to make is that while most people still like the print books, I will never go back to reading a print book,unless in school, in which they are dragging behind, because I have a Kindle.

Do yourself a favor and get A E-Book reader!!!!


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