What is Bindworks?

like_dislike.jpgBindworx is a new ebook retailer that is claiming to be the future of influencing the way people buy ebooks. In an article written for Digital Book Wire author Jeremy Greenfield wrote, that New Ebook Retailer Bindworx.com Proposes to change the Way Readers Buy Ebooks. He goes on to explain that ,” Bindworx will also offer users the ability to buy physical books- even their mashed up creations print-on-demand-if they so choose.” My predications are that this site will change the game if Publishers are not wise to make a move to merge with this new technology. A good example to illustrate my point,  the Amazon and Goodreads merger, this merger the way people discover books,authors, and content all in one place.  Similarly, Bindworxs is going to change the way more consumers buy books. I read from the same article Jeremy Greenfield in which press release released by Gareth Mulholland, co-founder of Bindworx , and she says, ” By responding to what consumers really want , which is greater control over what they buy and how it’s delivered to them, publishers will unleash a tide of new revenue opportunities as customers curate and promote the content they and their networks know has untapped value.”  So she is basically reinforcing the idea that Bindworxs is going to give the consumer options to buy an ebook any way they like. An anology is an a la carte or buffet. Take a look a Sirius Satellite’s business model in which  you can buy channels at different price points. Welcome to the new generation.


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