New Book: Going Clear


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The Church of Scientology (Melton)

The Church of Scientology (Melton) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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Authors live,Goodreads,interview with Lawrence Wrighton in which he introduces his new book,”Going Clear”. Lawrence is exposing the Scientology Church.


What is Scientology? According to the website, Scientology is the study of knowledge,knowing yourself. It is supposed to address the spirit and not the body and mind. If you live in New York they are on the streets handing out pamphlets,doing stress test, and aggressively seeking new members to indoctrinate into this group.The first time I came into this group is thru reading a book by founder Ron L.Hubber called “Dianectics”. This book helped me to understand my state of mind in which I behaved and thought without reason. The only thing that I was not going to do would be to join this group as a member. DianeticsPlease view this interview above to hear why.






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