Book Review: Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice

A must read book for any who wants to achieve something in life.

A must read book for anyone who wants to achieve success in life.

I found myself interested in reading this book because of the title. Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice is a book which does live up to its name.Even though this book is an updated version from the original masterpiece, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, Kimbro wastes no time in getting right to the Chapters that are essential for the keys to success. This book was published by Ballantine Books in 1991 consisting of about 351 pages typed in time new roman font; it is literally Kimbros blueprint for success. Each of the 12 chapters are so nonstop with information that it is a book full of stories. If you read this book in its entirety you will be in good position to dive into chapters on subjects such as the mighty power of imagination,creative dreaming, what faith can do, and Enthusiasm is power.Although these are some of the positive parts of the book. There are controversial parts of the book,such as the chapter “By All Means-Persist”, there are titles about Hitting the Mark by Failing, material on understanding failure, Adversity and Achievement all which far outweighs the comprehensive information here on just positive subjects.

This book is available in Hard copy and Paper Back.

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